How to Market Your Own Book

If you have been following us on Instagram or Facebook you would have seen us share  all the secrets on how to successfully market your book and all the ways that we can help you have the most successful book launch possible in smaller digestible portions throughout the month of March. I also did an entire live session with the Caribbean Books Foundation on this topic.

Here’s a compilation of what I’ve learnt in the process of self-publishing my first book “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts” and through my interactions with other authors and creatives:

Step #1 in Marketing your Book: Identify your target audience.

What is a target audience?⠀
Quickbooks defines a target audience as a specific group of consumers that is most likely to be receptive to your marketing campaigns. A business might have different target audiences for different products or services. Each target audience has specific needs, and business owners usually devise a specific marketing plan to attract them.⠀

Step #2 in Marketing your Book: Know your Market.

Who are you selling to? How do you reach them?

Step #3 in Marketing your Book:  Expand your Network.

Join a new platform, connect with friends of friends; you’ve got to let the whole world know you wrote a book!⠀

Step #4 in Marketing your Book: Finalize your budget.

This is arguably the most important step in this process as it determines the resources that you will be using throughout your book launch. Here’s what I recommend:⠀
👉🏾Be realistic with what you can spend⠀
👉🏾Do your sales projection⠀
👉🏾Consider doing partnerships/collaboration to reduce costs⠀
👉🏾Look for some free platforms e.g podcast, blogs, webinars, national libraries, books clubs⠀
👉🏾For other platforms where you have to pay consider advertising bundles/ packages⠀

Step #5 in Marketing your Book: Tell your story

Let your audience know who you are.

Step #6 in Marketing your Book: Have a Social Media Strategy

Make use of the many marketing tactics that are available online or enlist help from professionals for an effective book launch.

Step #7 in Marketing your Book: Face to face still works!

Go out and tell persons about your book, pass our flyers, visit bookstores, libraries etc.

Step #8 in Marketing your Book:  Choose and upload your eBook to online shop(s) ⠀

I recommend looking into Amazon – KDP (select), Splashwords, Lulu and Etsy

Step #9 in Marketing your Book: Know your analytics

You must have a way to measure your performance: ⠀
-simple spreadsheet⠀
– google analytics⠀
-FB analytics⠀
-Amazon monthly sales report ⠀
– Simple questionnaire on your social media pages

Final Step in Marketing your Book: Host author events for for new book launch⠀
These may be:⠀
-Book reading ⠀
-Book signing ⠀
-Book pop up shops ⠀
-Presentations at conferences/ libraries, etc
-Book displays -temporary ⠀
E.g library, bookstore, community outreach ⠀

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