Collection Of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts

This is not merely a book of poetry, but it tells an anthology of the author’s life through five distinct themes within the book: women in society, civil society movements, inspiration and motivation, exploring the world and roots and identity. Take a journey with Latoyaa Roberts and feel empowered, inspired, whimsical and baffled as she expresses her feelings about significant issues that affects her life and the Caribbean society she lives in through poetry and art. This book is not only meant for poetry lovers but mainly for the everyday men and women to glimpse life through the eyes, voice, and soul of the author combined into a disruptive piece only Latoyaa Roberts could convey.

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Reviews for “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts”

Simran – “Latoyaa takes us on an intimate journey through the world of poetry in this collection of poems. the inner workings of her mind, her heart’s passions, and her surroundings on her journeys across the globe. The multifaceted subjects are discussed in a variety of tunes ranging from the stern when appropriate to amusing when not. Latoyaa’s writing is replete with…Read more

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