Meet the Illustrator- Tomley Roberts

The Virtual Preview Session 4

For this session, Latoyaa Roberts entertained two guests, Ms. Juliet and Illustrator of “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts”, Tomley Roberts. Ms. Juliet, a broadcast media professional, was the reader for this session. Her choices were: The Voice of a Child, Road Trip to Victory and The Blackman – Tribute to Black Stalin. Juliete concluded her reading by saying “Latoyaa, I want to congratulate you on your book, you don’t get- you don’t see this very often and I think as a young woman, a Tobagonian, I really appreciate the fact that you took time out … to come up with a collection of poems based on your life experiences, your journeys, and society and what you see around you and it’s something that’s should be heralded.”

For the second part of this session, Latoyaa and Tomley Roberts, the author and illustrator of “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts” discussed the 6 art pieces in the book and the creative process it took to produce the pieces. They even gave a sneak peek of two pieces! Purchase the Book Here

View the full recording of the fourth session here:

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