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ENGAGING YOUTH IN COVID-19: Learning from the Youth COVID-19 Response Initiative in Trinidad & Tobago

The on-set of the COVID-19 pandemic
in Trinidad and Tobago and the proactive
youth movement response to this is
one such example to be highlighted.
Many young people are willing
to participate in policymaking,
but … Read More

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COVID-19 AND THE ECONOMIC GENDER SHIFT– Since its onset, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed a heavy burden on health systems, the economy and the livelihoods of people in the Caribbean region. The pandemic also has the potential of reinforcing and even worsening, pre-existing inequalities within… Read More

IDB Promotes Digital Transformation of MSMEs– The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in collaboration with Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility and the Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago hosted a two-day virtual workshop on May 11th and 12th, 2020 for MSMEs entitled the Digital Transformation Journey. Approximately 30 SMEs … Read More

Slow Tourism Industry Recovery Underscores Need For Key Reforms In Caribbean: IDB Report – Most global tourism reports predict a 2-to-4-year period for a full recovery to 2019 levels. However, the Caribbean could either lead or lag the global recovery, depending upon the specific circumstances in … Read More

A Roadmap to Recovery: The IDB’s “Build Forward Initiative”– With projections of slow economic recovery for the Caribbean, the Global Pandemic has exposed the societal and economic weaknesses of the Caribbean region. These sentiments were expressed… Read More

Caribbean Sex Registry An Important Tool For Human Rights Defenders– Violence against women (VAG) is an ongoing issue in our society. In November and December, we usually raise awareness of the issues… Read More

Why does a Sex Offender Registry Matter in the Caribbean?– Globally, advocates are calling for more transparent reporting of human rights violation. Within the Caribbean, we are seeing a similar pattern Read More

Moving Caribbean Countries into a Digitalized Public Service System– We have heard the success stories of Estonia or Singapore. However, what does that mean for Caribbean countries? Read More

Bridging the Digital Divide: Online Learning for Students in Trinidad and Tobago – There are challenges in Trinidad and Tobago with the digital divide However, there are also efforts by the government , private sector and NGOs to bridge the gap. Read More

Saving Tobago’s Economy Post COVID-19 – Trinidad and Tobago’s economy is one of the strongest in the Caribbean region due to its heavy reliance on oil and gas. With the onset of COVID-19, Tobago’s economy continues to see a decline in revenues and it is anticipated that it may not recover any time soon. Read More

How to get and keep that Caribbean Woman – So after the last article on “5 Ways to Get and Keep a Caribbean Man”, there was a lot a buzz about the perspective of the Caribbean women. So here is a follow up based on the female side of the coin. Read More

5 Ways to get and keep a Caribbean Man – Romance is always a complicated and touchy subject, but everyone needs a little relationship advice at times. In this article, I won’t be a love guru but after a simple conversation with a few girlfriends, we reveal five tips to get that man and obviously keep him. Read More

Not Too Young To Run a Business – Suhas Gopinath is an Indian entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Globals Inc., a multinational Web and IT solutions company that he created at 14 years old. Read More

Youth Time International Movement Celebrates 10 years – The Founder of the Youth Time International Movement, Julia Kinash, explained that almost 10 years ago she participated in the Rhodes Global Forum as a group of young people from different countries and while there the forum was mostly for adults. Read More

Demystifying Impact Investing – Many persons within the traditional financial portfolio schemes will consider impact investing and philanthropy as the same concept. However, for Robert Rubenstein and many other out-of-the-box financial advisors, there is a sharp difference between the two, with very … Read More

Morals and Ethics in Artifical Intelligence – This year the Youth Global Forum will celebrate its fifth year anniversary in Amsterdam. Professor Liaoyuan Zeng an Associate professor at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China shared some thoughts on morals and ethics of artificial intelligence. Read More

Hanging Gardens for San Juan, Puerto Rico – A 22-year old young man’s dream of transforming the agriculture sector within the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico is becoming a reality, as Jose A. Molinelli Gonzalez recently won an investment grant of 7,500 euros in which he hopes to introduce urban farming within an old … Read More

A Young Girl’s Dream of a Wellness Centre in Guyana – From since high school, at the age of 16-years old, Shinelle Bayrd, a young girl living in Guyana had to face the challenges of mental health. As she grew older, she realized that she was not alone in this struggle but rather according to … Read More

Unearth the Art of Forest Bathing in the Caribbean – When you hear the term “forest bathing”, probably a literal understanding of showering in the forest comes to mind. However, the unique term is the translation of the Japanese phrase “Shinrin Yoku” – a widely respected healing practice that has been … Read More

Lévé: Love is in the Air – Nestled in the hills of Arnos Vale, Tobago overlooking the Caribbean Sea lies Villa Being; the home of Lévé – the luxurious event that showcases Caribbean lifestyle at its very best. Now in its third year, this signature event infuses Caribbean … Read More

Caribbean Immune-Boosting Foods – Let’s have a look at some of these awesome Caribbean immune boosting foods that may have you licking your fingers and even wanting more. Read More

Youth Push for Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean – Young people across the Caribbean are taking the bold step of starting their own businesses. Read More

#LifeinLeggings: The Caribbean perspective – Goal 5 of the SDGs addresses gender equality and empowerment, but parts of the Caribbean still need a greater understanding of gender disciminatin and violence against women. Read More

Tobago’s Quest for Internal-self Government – As the residents of tiny Tobago consider more legislative autonomy, Latoyaa Roberts-Thomas, 29, a Commonwealth Correspondent from Trinidad and Tobago… Read More

Perspective on Doing Business with China – China’s economic growth has garnered international attention and debate. Read More


Spoken Word: Providing Expresssion for Youth – A twist on oral tradition is giving a new voice to youth through the lens of the spoken work artists Kleon Mc Pherson. Read More

Hidden Gems- The Sugar Mills Derelicts in Tobago – Exploring little-known historic spots becomes an opportunity to learn about culture and let the imagination soar. Read More

No Barriers to Education- the Goal – The goal of universal primary education is not easily achieved. Read More

What young people can do to stop corruption – Corruption is all too evident in today’s world, but young people must not be dismayed. There is still hope. Read More

Small States’ Success is not Tranny of the Weak – The size of a small nation is a great advantage. It can facilitate efficient use of resources and good governance. Read More

Reimbursement for Victims of Slavery – The damages caused by the slave trade cannot be erased nor pacified. However, compensation and benefits for descendants or countries affected by slavery is warranted. Read More

Carib-Asia Engagement: to be or not to be – It is high time for the Caribbean to fully exploit the relationship it has with Asian countries in order to achieve development. Read More

NGO’s can make Global Governance Transparent and Democratic – In order to achieve effective global governance, countries must cooperate with each other. Read More

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