Introducing the Books by LR Intensive Writing Workshop

The Books by LR Intensive Writing Workshop is a small group writing program designed to get your book idea onto paper and out into the world within 3 months. You will have access to all the tools, support, feedback and expertise needed to turn your ideas into words that will then be packaged and published at the end of the program. Come write that book you’ve had in your head alongside our team of qualified and recognized facilitators and other aspiring writers with the same goal.

It’s time to finally write that book you’ve been planning for ages.

Raise your hand if:

  • You’ve got a story to tell or knowledge to share but writing that book has been a daunting and lonely process
  • You have a book idea but you’ve been struggling to conceptualize those ideas and find your writing style
  • You have a working draft but you have no idea how to go about preparing & packaging it for publishing
  • You’ve had an idea for a book for a while and you’re ready to get serious about putting it out into the world
  • You’re looking to write, edit, format, market and publish a book on a budget

Writing a book, especially your first one, can sometimes be a daunting and lonely process. The Books By LR Intensive Writing Workshop will bring together a small group of writers all with one goal: to finally publish the book you’ve been planning for ages.

At Books by LR, our core value is to foster a space where authors can find support, advice and all the tools necessary to take their literature from idea to draft and then publishing. We believe every person has a story worth telling, and that you can carve yourself into history with the right tools and guidance.

All the tools & support you need to turn your ideas into words


1. Conceptualizing Ideas

In this module, we’ll focus on different tools to bring out your ideas from your mind such as mind mapping, brainstorming, Talk it out, Free Write, Storyboarding, Five whys, etc in an effort to encourage the writer to generate as many ideas or stories that may be interesting to the narrative of his/her book.

2. Types of Writing Styles

This module is developed to introduce writers to different genres of writing, both fiction and non-fiction. In addition, it gives the opportunity to analyse some authors as inspiration for their work or to see how different writing styles may be similar or different to their focused work.

3. Structuring your Book

This module introduces participants to ideas on how their manuscript can be structured based on the type of book and the target reader and audiences by going to templates and practical ideas on how to ensure the book is properly structured.

4. Structuring your Book

UMPH – Box paragraphing Method- A guest writer and educator, Deanne Whiskey-John will join us to share her writing method – a whole-brain approach to writing stories. The writer uses block-paragraphing a logical, left-brain strategy to facilitate creative writing a right-brain activity.

5. Writing Enhancement

A guest author and writing coach of Ideas to Ink, Jenelle Jack, will speak about the writing process through her lens and her tips and advice to budding writers to move along their work to completion.

6. Putting Image to your Words

This module focuses on visualization and graphic elements that can be included in your book. Tips and techniques relating to illustrations, graphics and visualization elements will be explored.

7. Getting Ready to Publish

(Adding finishing touches, Formatting, Cover, ISBN) This module will focus on all the essentials needed to ensure your book is completed and ready to be published by focusing on all the auxiliary services and items needed to complement a finished manuscript.

8. Marketing

This module focuses on introducing your book to the world by discussing book launch ideas, getting shelved at a bookstore or sales outlet (physical or online), marketing opportunities and activities that every writer should engage in to ensure they are getting the most engagement out of their book.

All the feedback & expertise you’ll need to package & publish your work

You will have access to:

Editors to edit, format & provide invaluable feedback on your work,

Graphic designer for book cover design,

2 individual consulting sessions,

Publishing to Amazon once the book is completed in 3 months,

Guidance on securing ISBN number, book registration etc., and

Insider information on how to Marketing & selling your book in the Caribbean & Globally.

Your Roadmap to Self-Publishing


Careful consideration should be given to the timeline above. Authors are responsible for all printing and publishing costs of books created during the Books by LR Intensive Writing Workshop. Self-publishing through Amazon will depend on the timely completion of the book, securing of ISBN number, complete course payment & writer’s readiness to publish. One additional month has been added to the workshop timeline to allow for persons to complete final preparations and publish their book under the guidance of our team. Books by LR reserves the right to terminate projects after the 3-month period, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.


Free advance copy of ‘The Self-Publishing Road Map’

You’ll get a free copy of our intense writing workshop guide, ‘The Self-Publishing Road Map’ by Latoyaa Roberts. This interactive guide will be your companion and book of reference throughout the cost and can be used as a standalone guide for your future writing projects.

Bonus Lecture by Guest Facilitator, Deanne Whiskey-John

The author of UMPH is an expert educator, educational administrator, business consultant, entrepreneur and author with a proven 31-year track record. Certified to teach preschoolers, primary and secondary students. She taught creative and essay writing to both primary and secondary students for more than twenty years with a 100% pass rate. Served as an Administrator in Trinidad and Tobago and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Founder, Director & Training Consultant at the I-sparK Leadership Centre.

Bonus Lecture by Guest Facilitator, Jenelle Jack

Jenelle Jack helps professionals, subject-matter experts, and entrepreneurs write and self-publish a book to spread their message, make an impact, and build their brand. She is a published author and book coach who works with women who want to create impact, influence, and income with a book. To put it simply, she’s here to teach our participants how to streamline their writing process to help achieve your goal of becoming a published author.


  • Writing your book is no longer a daunting and lonely process because you’re writing alongside our team of qualified and recognized facilitators and other aspiring writers with the same goal
  • You’ve finally gotten that book idea that you’ve been struggling to conceptualize down on paper; you’ve explored and found your preferred writing style(s)
  • You have taken your book draft and made adjustments, and it’s been edited, formatted, packaged and self-published with the guidance of our team
  • You’ve got all the insider information on how to market & sell your book in the Caribbean & Globally both from our team and guest facilitators

It’s time to finally write that book you’ve been planning for ages.


Your Main Facilitator

Meet Latoyaa Roberts B.A, M.Sc

Latoyaa Roberts-Thomas is the owner & lead consultant at Books by LR. She is a social entrepreneur, communications and development consultant and an avid traveller. She is a Member of the Artist Registry of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago as well as the Caribbean Creative Network and possesses a B.A in Communications Studies with Linguistics and International Relations (First Class Honours) and a M.Sc in Global Studies (Distinctions) from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. After becoming a self-published author, Latoyaa has since assisted many other Caribbean authors with the preparing, packaging & publishing of their work through Books by LR. Learn more about Latoyaa here

Let’s help you create your story for the world to see.

Your journey to self-publishing begins January 16th, 2023

Copyrights and Non-Disclosure Clause

All participants will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Books by LR before the commencement of the workshop to ensure that all confidential information shared between both parties, as a necessary part of doing business together in this 10-week intensive writing workshop, will be guarded with the utmost responsibility to avoid litigation.

All materials generated during the workshop will remain the copyright of the authors for their individual works generated during this programme.

All materials provided by Books by LR or its affiliates will remain the property and copyright of said parties. The materials should only be used by the participants registered in the workshop. No duplication of materials or sharing to third parties are encouraged without the written consent by Books by LR or its authorised representatives.

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