Latoyaa Roberts and Cindy Andrews Talk Women and GBV Issues

The Virtual Book Preview Session 2

In honour of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women Latoyaa Roberts and Cindy Andrews hosted the second installment to the “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts”- Virtual Book Preview adorned in orange apparel where they discussed women and gender-based violence through 3 pieces from the book chosen by Cindy; Shrinking Civic Space, Is 10 Too Much and A Woman’s Role in the Home.

Cindy said, “For me, when I look at poetry- when I look at art, it always reflects society to some aspect. Art captures, it reflects, it tries to highlight and address different issues in society and this is exactly what this collection does. It has been sectioned into 5 different aspects but when you really look at the collection on a whole, it all comes together and you could see the interconnectedness of each story even if it exists within a different theme and it’s something that I appreciate”

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Latoyaa Roberts is a Caribbean Communications Consultant, Freelancewriter and author.

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