“Collection of Poems”- Virtual Book Tour

This pre-launch virtual tour highlights “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts”. The book features five (5) captivating themes that tells a riveting story into the life of the author. Join us on this virtual tour as we discuss women in society, civil society movements, inspiration and motivation, exploring the world and roots and identity with Latoyaa Roberts and fellow artists, advocate and illustrator.

These Four disruptive sessions were recorded live in preparation for the launch of “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts”. Purchase the Book


November 23rd, 2020 Kleon Mc Pherson: Spoken Word Artist – The first virtual preview of the book, Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts” with Kleon McPherson Spoken Word Artist was completed successfully. Viewers were offered the opportunity to listen live and interact with author Latoyaa Roberts and Spoken Word Artist Kleon Mc Pherson as Kleon gave his insight on on his favourite 4 poems out of the 45 poems in the book. View the Session

November 26th, 2020 Cindy Andrews: Advocate – In honour of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Latoyaa Roberts and Cindy Andrews hosted the second installment to the “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts”- Virtual Book Preview” adorned in orange apparel where they discussed women and gender-based violence through 3 pieces from the book chosen by Cindy… View the Session

December 1st, 2020 Xavier Edwardz: Musician – For this third session, Latoyaa Roberts sat down with musician, Xavier Edwardz to read and discuss his three (3) favourite poems from “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts”. Xavier dropped little nuggets of wisdom and brought a cool ambiance throughout the session. His favourite poems were some very hard-hitters … View the Session

December 3rd, Tomley Roberts: President of Tobago Visual Arts Association and Illustrator of “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts”- For this session, Latoyaa Roberts entertained two guests, Ms. Juliet and Illustrator of “Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts”, Tomley Roberts. Ms. Juliet, a broadcast media professional, was the reader for this session. Her choices were… View the Session

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