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Editing Services

We can edit all your writing documents from business, leisure, academic writing, etc. Let’s ensure you have the finished product that conveys what you want to say.

-Copy editing -Line editing -Developmental editing; All editing forms to suit your needs. A rate of $30.00 TT or $5 USD per page. Works over 50 pages will be discounted after negotiation.

Book Planning and Consultancy Services

 Would you like to self-publish a new book? Trust me to help you through the process. Learn from a self-published author in Trinidad and Tobago, especially if you are targeting the local market but also want to grow international.

Copy writing

Let’ us help you write your ideas into a great book or proposal. Contact for a quote.

Article Writing
$TT1.00 or $0.15 USD per word. Articles over 2,500 words would be discounted upon negotiation.

Proposal/Grant/ Business Plans Writing

Starting at a base rate of $1000TT (10-15 pages) over 15 pages cost factor will be further discussed.

For any other administrative and business services contact to discuss a more personalized service to suit your needs.

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